These pumps provide excellent performance in well-point dewatering, straight dewatering and Sewer-by-pass. Both options are available Electrical and Diesel Engine driven.


Complete line of centrifugal pumps, either diesel or electric powered. Our units are second to none in quality and performance. We incorporate several features that enhance the life of our pumps including the heavy duty mechanical seals and ductile iron castings.


High Efficiency Mud Agitators range from 3 hp to 75 hp in Horizontal and Vertical configuration, and are standard off the shelf units. Hormuz Energy Services can also provide custom designs with any size horsepower or different configurations to suit the customer's needs. With our low clearance and ease of service, these agitators are an extremely operator friendly choice. Can be supplied with DOL starters to suit.


Available in 6" and are designed for easy sack-to-hopper transfer. Our hoppers are equipped with a venturi to aid the mixing process by increasing velocity, thus increasing shear rates.


Available in capacity range 500 GPM, 1000 GPM and 1200 GPM. Fitted with large inspection port. Compact design to minimize footprint on tank.


Can be supplied in 12" and 14" in a variety of lengths to suit requirement. Comes with top mounted safety grating and remove STOP switches. Alarm system consisting of visual indication by strobe lights and audible alert by alarm horns.


3" low pressure available in custom lengths to fit all tanks depths. 360 Degree rotation.


Available in either fixed or variable speed. Ideal feed pump for centrifuges. Starters available.


Available in 36", 48" & 54" diameters. Belt driven for quieter operation. Non-sparking blades.


Morgan Products are leaders in the manufacturing of chemical injection pumps & systems. These Stainless Steel precision pumps have extensive applications in the oil, gas and water treatment industry sectors. Morgan Products have raised the industry standards and the quality of their products in continually acclaimed for their accurate performance, minimal maintenance and longer life. Morgan Products has the widest available pump sizes and applications, and pump performance exceeds most industry standards. Available in a supply pressure range of 150 - 25 Psi and output pulses from 50 - 0 strokes per minute.


A comprehensive range of Lubricants, Cleaners, Greases, Oils & Protective Coatings from a market leader manufacturer. Suitable for a wide range of temperature up to 350 degrees Celsius and service classes to suit every application.


We offer all kind of inflatable packers and bridge plugs both permanent and retrievable. These are available for different sizes and types of casing.


We offer full packages of drill stem testing tools and that includes all the 3 types: Conventional Open Hole Drill stem Testing Tool, Inflatable Drill stem Testing Tool and Cased Hole Drill stem Testing Tool.


We offer all type of API and non-API Beam Pump units with different sizes and options linear units.


We offer special tubing HDPE / EXPE Anti-abrasion and Anti-corrosion tubing. Adapting special technology, the tubing coupling can guarantee thread sealing and improve the coupling's anti-corrosion properties. Epoxy resin coating anti-corrosion tubing. Pre-stressed insulated tubing. High strength anti-corrosion tubing. This kind of tubing is made of new high strength and cost-effective anti-corrosion material.

The mechanical properties are equal to API standard, with the favorable anti-corrosion performance of 316L stainless, 304L stainless, nickel based alloy, it is especially suited for use in oil, gas and water wells with serious corrosion and eccentric wear issues.


We offer wide ranges of sucker rod pumps that can be designed as per oil wells parameters and requirement to serve oil wells with sand, gas, heavy oil and deviated well. This type of sucker rod pump can prolong its service and lower the cost of recovery .


We offer wide ranges for standard and reinforced wire wrapped screens to act as sand control while well is in production. These screens are made using advanced technology including laser cutting to produce premium products.


We offer wide ranges for slotted pipes (casings) which are made with great precision and advanced technology that can produce 0.1 to 4.0 mm slot width and length can be customized as required.


We offer wide ranges of wellhead equipment that includes but not limited to drilling wellhead, connect wellhead casing string, seal and control the annular of casing, suspend tubing, control wellhead pressure and adjust flow rate, also induce oil into outlet pipeline, shut off oil well when necessary , and apply to acid fracturing , water injection and test service.

Consist of casing head , tubing head and Christmas tree

Apply to all kinds of casing, tubing programs and connection forms

Can be equipped with (Pneumatic) Hydraulic safety valve

Working pressure: 2,000 Psi to 20,000 Psi

Working medium: Oil, natural gas, mud


We offer different variety of downhole gauges for both open hole and cased hole, measuring bottom hole pressures and temperatures helping to evaluate productivity during many phases of well development including drilling, evaluation and production. One of the key advantages of these instruments is how easy they are to use from start to finish including programming, running a job and gauge maintenance. The SmartView software has a very user friendly interface, so operators with minimal experience can feel confident running the gauges and retrieving data. Also once the gauge is programmed with the desired sampling.

Well Service & Workover Rigs

Jointly with Highwood Global from Canada, we offer purpose built service and workover rig packages with new-age technology combined with old-school ruggedness gives you premier equipment necessary to overcome any challenge in any condition. Limitless options ensure your rig is built to meet your specific requirements. Make your fleet world class with Highwood's service rig.

WWT FlexShoe

The WWT FlexShoe TM (FLX) is a guide shoe that can flex around dog-legs, past ledges, and over soft formations to help casing reach bottom under a variety of difficult conditions. The patented design provides a strong, durable guide shoe that can reduce loads at the bottom of the casing by 80%. The technology used to design the FLX tool is driven by our customers need to implement a tool that improves the casings path to the wellbore.

For more info, please visit WWT website

Casing JetGuide

The WWT JetGuide provides a substantial hydraulic force to help wash through trouble zones. By combining an integral flapper/burst disk into the shoe, flow is directed through the jetting nozzles under most conditions. At a pre-set flow rate, or if the nozzles are plugged, the centerline opens to allow unrestricted flow. This shoe is also fully compatible with auto-fill float equipment. Available in standard and eccentric profiles. Use this shoe in almost any well to help increase run efficiency. For more info, please visit WWT website

Low Friction Cable Protector

The WWT LFCP reduces sliding friction by up to 50% to help completions reach target depth. Its low friction durable polymer body protects ESP cable and/or control line & capillary tubing from damage. It also centers cable and tubing in the wellbore. For more info, please visit WWT website

Non-Rotating Protectors

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors™ (NRP) are the world’s most widely used mechanical drill-string torque and friction reducer applicable in various well types to optimize energy delivery to bit by significantly reducing torque, drag, casing and riser wear, heat checking and buckling. Often referred to a "drill pipe rubbers" our NRP solution provides one of the most efficient solutions for reducing drill string torque and protecting casing and drill pipe. For more info, please visit WWT website

IBC Tank Solutions

Hormuz provides full IBC Tank solutions that includes but not limited to pumps, agitators, tilting system, weighing system, cleaning system, Heating system and spills containment trays.