One of our objectives in training is to open the candidates mind, challenging them with various combinations of theoretical and practical exercises and instill them with confidence. We provide a wide variety of training from well engineering through to on-site operations.


Efficiency is not a luxury, it is a requirement to maximize the bottom line and Hormuz Energy Services is a professional leader in designing and executing lean projects. The focus is to strike on the right balance between operational efficiency and cost effectiveness without compromising on standards to deliver the desired results. We utilize value stream mapping methods to determine enhancements in the process and utilize Zigma Lean Management solution developed by MACS-G to manage changes and their perspective results and insure all waste has been eliminated.


We provide very comprehensive mentoring and coaching programs. A lot of people function on a tactical level, resolving problems as they arise, this gets work done but it limits their potential and that of the company. One has to create a mix of strategy and tactical solutions, which allows them to move away from solving problems into preventing them. Direct coaching and mentoring will quickly raise their competency and abilities to move to a more productive process giving immediate and longer term success to the company.


We manage individual as well as integrated projects from conception to completion and in turbulence of today's market we are able to minimize and manage dynamic issues when they develop. Our management team is based on finding the optimal balance between quality, productivity and cost delivered in a timely manner. Even if you have a project on-going that is not delivering as required, consider Hormuz Energy Services to salvage your project and get back on track to succeed.


We provide maintenance services through strategic partnership based on the concept of cross utilization of resources through training and mentoring. Constant monitoring analysis of day to day operations has lead us to create unique solutions to resolve a large variety of issues and problems resulting in reduction in operational cost and increase in efficiency for our clients in these demanding times.


We have a proven track record of maximizing values of an organization, we initiate the process by providing an in-depth analysis of effectiveness, strengths and weakness leading to a solution for restructuring. In most circumstances we can provide a 360 degree solution with a holistic approach to the organization. No two companies are the same and each one will have its unique composition that requires a unique solution from centralized to decentralized, our evaluation and solution will be effective and strategic for long term results.


We have a wide range of experience which can enhance your operations by thoroughly mapping out the scope of work and its required processes. We have developed many tools and processes that allow us to monitor and measure the implementation of operations phases to ensure the desired objectives are achieved. We have a rich experience in understanding the business requirement of an organization and translating it into a robust management system. This may include a large variety of individual components such as policies, standards, processes and procedures that will be developed into an encompassing management system. We partner with several companies that work closely with us to develop data management tools. One such tools that we use was developed by one of our partnering companies was AEGIS 360 for QHSE Management. AEGIS is developed by MACS-G solutions who are world-class data management software developers.


We provide full well life cycle engineering services from creation of well drilling program to wellbore remedial work and enhanced recovery methods. We can create the design and the execution of the program with our team who works with lean concepts as a basis to achieve efficiency with a lower end cost.


We provide provide our clients a service of determining the requirements to meet their objectives and finding the right equipment with enhanced features that will deliver the desired results. If your objective is to have equipment which can work for a variety of clients or to fill a need of a specific client we have the knowledge and know-how to deliver a product that meets all the requirements preventing any costly non-compliance issues.